June 14, 2024

Things to Sell for Fundraising

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Things to Sell for Fundraising

Things to Sell for Fundraising

Organizations and clubs continuously need to raise funds in order to maintain themselves. Fundraising is a good way to raise those required funds and one can do so by having a reasonably good idea about the things to sell for fundraising. 

Things to Sell for Fundraising

If we look around and do some research, there is no dearth of various items we could use for fundraising. We are listing a few of them. Listing all of the possible fundraising items for sale could be quite a bit and impossible to cover in this article. Hence the most important ones are listed below.


For decades, t-shirts are considered to be a very good choice of products for fundraising events — especially if you’re trying to fundraise for a school club. They are useful, and the buyers find value for money in it. If they are printed with a logo of the event managers, it makes better sense because the buyers can showcase the t-shirt when they wear it and move around. They are reasonably priced and are easy to make and as mentioned earlier they are highly popular and offer good value-for-money to the buyers. T-shirts can also be sold online, making them a premier online fundraising tip to try if you want to take advantage of the web. 


Lollipops could be an excellent option for fundraising because of a few obvious reasons. First and foremost, they are very cheap and affordable and a perfect idea to fundraise for a youth sports team. If it is a children’s fundraising event, it is quite obvious that lollipops could be a big hit amongst children and also parents. They come in different flavors, sizes and shapes. They are easy to stock and sell and they taste great. Even if you are able to sell lollipops for $1 a piece you can easily make a profit of 0.50 cents, which is quite impressive and you could have big money for the entire fundraising event.

Cookie Dough

Things to Sell for Fundraising
Things to Sell for Fundraising

Who does not like cookie dough? While homemade cookie dough could be the best option, if you are unable to get it done, there are many readymade options available in the market. They are extremely yummy in taste, nutritious and they impress youngsters and grown ups alike. You can price them competitively and still make enough profit so that it makes your entire fundraising event profitable and significant. You can rent a cookie dough maker and a few people on the job for making the best of dough. 


Pizza for generations has been a hot favorite food item amongst almost all sections of society. Hence, planning to have pizzas as a food item for fundraising would certainly be a great idea. You could identify a pizza maker in your area and ask them sponsor pizzas for such fundraising event. There is no shortage of pizza chains that would be willing to donate a few dozen pizzas or even more for worthwhile fundraising causes. They sell easily and the fundraising managers can make a big profit out of it and the same can be put to good use. It also is a good advertisement for the pizza makers. The fundraisers can also easily talk about it on social media, and other forms of low cost advertisements and marketing

Summing Up

Hence, if you look around, do your research or brainstorm, it is quite obvious that you will not have any shortage of things to sell for fundraising, whether it be for a soccer organization, club or anything else. The above are just a few examples and if you spend some time on the internet or with your friends, you will be able to come across dozens of options and each one could be money spinners as far as your fundraising objective is concerned. You can keep your community up to date with a “News” tab on your website so that everyone is always up to date. 


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