April 23, 2024

What are Some Good Icebreakers for Youth Group?

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What are some good icebreakers for youth group that practice names? The blanket name game is a good option.
What are Some Good Icebreakers for Youth Group

When it comes to sports teams fundraising or any other kind, having a sense of community and being able to work as a team is essential. Therefore, it’s important that you help your youth group to communicate and get along even before you find things to sell for fundraising. Once your youth group is able to work together efficiently, you can look for online fundraising tips to help you out.

In a youth group setting, a great way to start building community is by playing some ice breaker games for youth groups. Using icebreakers for teens can help you get your group going and start interacting with each other.

So, what are some good icebreakers for youth group? Finding games for youth group can be fairly simple, perhaps you can start with trying out one of these icebreakers. Check the following 10 ice breaker activities for teenagers.

What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Youth Group
What Are Some Good Icebreakers for Youth Group

Youth Group Ice Breakers

1. What’s Next?

Ask the whole group to sit in a circle. The first player will say any word they wish, for example, “blue”, and the next person will repeat the first word and add another that links to the first, like “berry”. Then, the next person will repeat the previous word and add a new one, such as “pie”. Only allow a few seconds for each new word association to keep the game going.

2. “Luke I am Your Father”

Pick one teenager to be blindfolded and go to the front of the group. The other kids will take turns saying a predetermined phrase like “Luke, I am your father” while trying to disguise their voice. The blindfolded kid will try to guess who it is. If they don’t guess who is talking, the person who disguised their voice takes their place.

3. Blanket Name Game

What are some good icebreakers for youth group that practice names? The blanket name game is a good option. Divide your group into teams and choose a volunteer to stand behind a blanket. Count to three and drop the blanket. The first player to identify the name of the teenager correctly wins the round and earns a point for their team.

4. Destination Imagination

Ask each teen to think of a city or country they’ve already visited or would like to visit and three clues to help the other members guess their destination. However, they can only act these clues out, they can’t talk. The person who’s guessed the most destinations at the end of the game wins.

5. My Super Selfie

Provide all members of the group with a sheet of paper and a marker. Ask them to go off into their own corner of the room and think of a superpower they’d like to have. After that, they must draw themselves as a superhero or villain and then share their self-portrait with the group while explaining their superpower.

Icebreakers for Teens
Icebreakers for Teens

6. Paper Crazy

What are some good icebreakers for youth group you can play in teams? Paper Crazy is a good choice if you’re looking for icebreaker games for youth that can be played in small teams. Divide into teams of five or six people and provide each group with a copy of the same newspaper. Afterward, describe a particular fact, picture, or ad. Tell them to find it and bring it to you. The first team to find it and bring it to you earns a point.

7. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

This is one of the most fun icebreakers for teens, but it needs some previous work. You have to wet and wad up about 5 youth group t-shirts and put them in the freezer. Then, divide the youth group into five teams and give each team one of the frozen t-shirts. The first team to unfreeze and wear the t-shirt wins.

8. Silent But Not Deadly

Give each teen a number secretly, and tell them to arrange themselves in numerical order without speaking. They can only use sign language. Then, to make it more challenging, tell them to arrange themselves in order of calendar months or birth.

9. Clumps

Divide the whole group into pairs. Then, ask each pair to sit on the floor with their back together and arms linked. Every pair has to stand up together, and once they’ve done it, join the pairs into groups of four and repeat the task. Keep joining pairs until the whole group tries to stand together.

10. Art Collector

Provide each teen with a sheet of paper and a pencil, and give them 5 minutes to draw a picture that conveys them without writing any numbers or words. After 5 minutes, collect the pictures and show them one at a time and ask them to guess who drew it. The teen that guesses the most correctly is the “Master Art Collector”.

Icebreaker Games for Youth
Icebreaker Games for Youth

Any Other Icebreakers We Didn’t Mention?

Finding the best icebreakers is going to depend on the group you have in front of you. Just like online fundraising is going to vary depending on if its for sports teams or for a place of work. Whatever you do, have fun with it. Make sure it is something inclusive for every person there.

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